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“Everett is someone with a strong sense of right and wrong, and willing to suffer the consequences of doing the right thing. We would be better served to have more people like Everett in public life.” - Fmr. CIA Clandestine Service John Sipher

“Everett is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals I have met in terms of his high level of service and professionalism to his clients and his passion for protecting his country and all Americans.” - Fmr. CIA Field Operations Officer


Everett Stern is a U.S Senate Candidate and the CEO / Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit Inc. He has forged a career based on the principles of truth, integrity and preserving freedom. Mr. Stern’s commitment to truth and integrity motivated him to become a federal whistleblower against HSBC Bank in 2012. After passing intelligence to the CIA and then the FBI Stern brought down the terrorist and drug cartel financing operation, resulting in the largest fine against a bank in U.S History 1.92 Billion. Stern has been featured in international headlines including Rolling Stone Magazine and the Netflix documentary “Dirty Money.” His actions informed his purpose for starting Tactical Rabbit a Private Intelligence Agency. Tactical Rabbit's mission is to fight corruption, promote justice, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Mr. Stern is the founder of Rabbit Capital Management a hedge fund, which in tandem continues his mission of discovering and halting efforts by those who work against America’s interests.

Featured: The Guardian, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Netflix, CNBC, BBC World News, Huffington Post, American Banker, Wall Street Journal, Reuters.

Everett Sterns Book Forward from Fmr. CIA Officer

I am honored to write the foreword for this book about my friend and colleague, Everett Stern. At its core, this is a true-life story about how one man challenged an international corporate bank-ing giant that was facilitating the movement of terrorist money around the globe. Everett paid a steep price in his personal and professional life. He then picked up the pieces of his life, worked hard, and formed and successfully developed a private security and intelligence company—one that he currently runs today.

On one level, this is the ultimate American success story—a man who builds up his life, takes a principled stand on an important issue, gets knocked down, and then gets back up again and rebuilds his life to even greater levels of success. On a separate level, this is a story of how one person can make a significant difference on an important issue that is facing our country. We have a saying in our line of work: “Many are called, few are chosen.” Everett heard the call and not only answered it but did so in a singular and impressive fashion. While the US intelligence community was focused on the issue of how international and domestic terrorist groups were moving their money around to fund their terrorist operations after 9/11, we did not fully com- prehend the level of complicity that many US and international banks and some of their selected officials had in terrorist money laundering effort. Everett was one of a rare handful of individuals who not only noticed that some of these big banks were wittingly

moving funds from designated terrorist individuals and groups but took forceful and aggressive action to stop this illicit behavior, with the ultimate objective of trying to save innocent lives and make our country a safer place. When HSBC refused to change its practices despite Everett’s discovery of illegal activity, he made the conscious decision to discreetly provide this information to the pertinent US authorities. In the end, HSBC was fined a record $1.92 billion. However, no officials were held accountable—another intriguing aspect of this story—demonstrating the apparent “co- ziness” between elements of the United States government and major banking and financial institutions.

I have a deep admiration and respect for Everett and the critical role he played in helping illuminate terrorist money laundering at a major international bank. Not many people on this planet would have the courage, fortitude, intelligence, and strong sense of morals and ethics to do what he did. He has remained true to his core beliefs and sense of justice, integrity, and doing what is right at his position as founder and CEO of his private security and intelligence company, Tactical Rabbit. Everett and Tactical Rabbit take on clients who have been wronged in some way and who need the capabilities and advocacy of his company to right an injustice.

I only wish that this country had more men like Everett who were willing to use their unique skill set to right what is wrong and to take principled, moral, and just stands on the myriad of threats and issues that face us here in the Homeland. I am humbled to call Everett both a personal friend and a professional colleague in this ongoing struggle against all forms of injustice and extremism. Please enjoy this true-life story of an unsung American hero.

-Bob Dougherty CIA (Retired)

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Fmr. U.S. Senate Candidate, HSBC Bank Whistleblower, CEO, Author, Speaker. Featured Rolling Stone, Netflix, Guardian, NYT. Twitter @EverettStern1 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EverettSternUSA Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/everettstern/